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John Schibi

Professional Overview

About John Schibi

John Schibi is recognized as a forward-thinking business professional. Throughout his impressive career, he has gained extensive experience as a general manager of new and used car dealerships. John’s reputation for success is based on numerous factors, such as his creative marketing campaigns, sustained growth in profitability, and high employee morale. John is a highly regarded manager who delivers clear and concise short- and long-term goals, builds effective teams, and creates incentive programs for his employees to succeed.

John attended Kennesaw State University. He earned a business degree before moving on to his first job as a Sales Manager at Chrysler. John earned multiple promotions due to his exemplary performance and rapidly climbed the ladder of managerial positions at numerous dealerships. During this time, John Schibi learned about automotive sales, inventory management, budget administration, sales predictions, recruiting/hiring employees, evaluating performances, designing marketing campaigns, and generating employee incentive programs. 

John has been routinely recognized for his ability to increase profitability in every location he’s assigned. He received the Honda President’s Club Award. He played a significant role in helping the dealership become recognized as a Top 25 Revenue Dealership, achieving a top-3 score in the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), as well as being named the second-most lucrative location for seven consecutive years.

In addition to being an outstanding salesman and marketing genius, John is a perpetual student who stays current with the latest technological automotive dealership trends. One piece of software he consistently uses is VAuto’s Stockwave platform, making inventory storage and retrieval practically effortless. Wholesale vehicle acquisition is triggered by real-time updates based on sales speed and the intended length of time for inventory. Stockwave recommends the appropriate inventory levels for each dealership, model by model. General managers like John Schibi save valuable time and money by accessing reliable sources about the car buying industry.

One of the largest dealership groups in the Metro Atlanta region, Hennessy Automotive, hired John as a contractor to share his knowledge about the used car industry. John used his software skills in this role to research and purchase over 100 pre-owned units each month. 

In his free time, John volunteers with Patriot Guard Riders, a volunteer-run, non-profit organization that helps to ensure respect and dignity at memorial services commemorating fallen armed services heroes, first responders, and honorably discharged Veterans. John passionately believes in paying respect to those who sacrificed their lives for others.

To learn more about John Schibi’s career, visit his website at

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